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Hello to All  

  If you are new to my site Welcome. For those of you who are models wanting my services please call me at 818-613-6921.  Let me know what your needs are and we can create something together. I do trade links but I do not put banners on my link page.

August 13th, 2010


Updates included:

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Well 2010 has been busy and overwhelming at the same time. Been dealing with my move at the beginning of this year plus trying to throw in photo shoots at the same time.

This update will be super short but some new things out of it. Well first as mention above I have a new place. Big and nice and I have been shooting in it. Nice place to rest I must say. I am trying to get a gallery show by the end of the year. I will keep you updated and make post on this site and on Facebook.

One odd thing that has accrued this month. On Aug 5th, about 2 am in the morning I was finishing up an edit for work and was bored. I had watched an animated website about Iphones. At the end of the site it mentions if you can text then you can make your own site. So I started typing and I ended up creating ‘How to be a Fetish Model’.

I created the video just to past the time but I noticed I began to type questions that I had heard and have been asked from models from the past ten years. Then I posted the video I made and went to bed. Later in the day I see over 500 hits in a few hours. I had forgotten that Fetishcon in Tampa was about to begin.  Well some models tweeted the link and it spread like Wildfire. (Thanks Kumi and Diana Knight)

Now with three videos with a total of Ten Thousand hits in a week’s time I made a website for the character I created. And a Tee Shirt store to sell some of the quotes you hear threw out the series.


And strange enough, the website store has been up for a few hours and has made a couple of sales.

I hope you all enjoy the site as much as I have enjoyed making them.

I will be going to Folsom this year so I might see you there




November 13th, 2009

Updates included:

News Page            You're reading right now
SHOP Page           Brand NEW SHOPPERS PAGE

 Hello all on this Friday the 13th , the last one of 2009.
This will be really short. I have added a new Shopping Page for those who want to get kinky for the Holidays. Go to the page and you will be directed to JT Stockroom. Home of the largest toys, clothes and supplies web site.

I might have a show in December I will update on this site and Facebook if I do.

That's all for now, nice and short

Have a good one



 Well this Newsletter update will be difficult. As most of the Fetish Community is aware of, on Aug 2nd 2009 we lost a dear friend and model, Mistress Veronica also known as Veronica Hoffman a fetish model that has been featured in ALL the fetish magazines and has attended most major fetish events in the world.

  Her death was a shock since she took her own life and was months shy of being thirty years old. I wish not to rehash what has been told, so if you wish to read up on her you can go to this link provided by Tony Mitchell, the founder of the web site The Fetishistas.

 Fetishistas Link for Miss Veronica Click HERE

  I do wish to share how I knew Miss Veronica and how we became friends.  Veronica and I met in the beginning of 2004 in Las Vegas during Boncon which was being held at The Sports Arena that year. I had just purchased a pair of baseball catcher knee guards to wear during photo shoots. Since I have bad knees from wrestling in high school. Well, I wanted to test them out on The Sports Arena’s floor. The floor was a shiny wood, like a gym, which meant it was waxed and slippery. So I guess in Jackass manner, I began to slide across the floor. I would get a running start and drop to my knees and slide a good 7 to 8 yards. I noticed after a few attempts that there was a girl with black hair and glasses standing to the side watching me as I go by. When I was done I went up to her and introduced myself. Veronica found me sliding amusing and we talked a bit during the convention. She was very shy then and did not think she was pretty enough to be in the same place as major fetish models. I told her she was wrong and later introduced the shy girl with glasses to Tony Mitchell who had asked me earlier if I knew who she was.

From there, we would run into each other at various places such as, Fetish Bar and Club Dungeon in LA. We became friends and would keep in touch..Within the upcoming year I attended the first Fetishcon held in Tampa in 2004 where I had helped Veronica find a place to stay due to the room crunch that Hurricane Jeanne had caused.

While Veronica  Vericave  was in London, she called me long distance because she had lost her ride and was stuck in London and didn’t know anyone. She had seen Emily Marilyn walking by the train station but only knew her by photos. I told her to hand the phone to Emily. After the conversation I had with Emily, Emily took Veronica under her wing and made sure she was ok.

Few years ago, Veronica attended a seminar (a vanilla thing) I was hosting at UCLA and sat in the front row. Big smile on her face and a 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke at her desk. Veronica just walked into the class like she belonged there although she wasn’t a student. I cleared her to be an assistant for my presentation. She not only sat through the entire class, she even asked questions that the students did not even think of. Veronica was an evil genius, I was sure of it.

  I remember that if I attended a fetish event, did not matter where, San Francisco, New York, Tampa, Montreal, London or Paris, I would run into Veronica every time. Every place she would see me, Veronica would always check to see if I had Diet Coke with me so she could steal it.

Miss Veronica was sweet, caring and an attentive friend, which is rare in the world. I will never forget our talks on the phone for hours and hours about nothing. Most of all, I will miss that smile that would light the room up. Ok, Veronica might have been strange but anyone who is in the industry is. Well not me of course.

I only have good memoires of Veronica and I will miss her A LOT.

So in parting, to her I say “Farewell my friend”, not Goodbye. Goodbyes are forever, Farewell is not.

I will see you on the other side. But not too soon I hope.


ps Thanks Cat for the help xoxo



Miss Pretty  from
I want to be a Fetish Model

ilookpretti Tee Shirt store is open.. click link above to enter and see the videos

Miss Veronica being evil as always.
Fetish Bar in LA 2004

     The gang at San Francisco Fetish Ball 2007


  Workshipped where ever she went